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October 2022: This site has been re-uploaed for historical preservation by Will Cheyney and will not be updated. The only alteration from the original site has been to the navigation menu. Originally built in Flash (RIP) it has been rebuilt in HTML. A note from Will Malbty when he sent me the 3dmm.co.uk archive in June 2003:
Thanks to the entire 3dmm community and all those who contributed to it and the site over the years. It was great while it lasted, and I hope it continues to remain around in some form or another in the future.

Wednesday 25th December - CHRISTMAS UPDATE IS HERE!
Ok, firstly a special mega thanks to Will Cheyney who basically brought this update together. I'm writing this on Monday night after which I'm gunan mail everything to Cheyney for him to add his bit. So I guess if you're reading this on Xmas day, everything has worked out! Anyway, I've got 6 movies from me to you; CC (unfinished), CC Preview, a compilation of all my unseen work, a chain movies by myself, Adrian Pikios, & Brad Ross, An unseen and new 'I Know' scene, and finally an old and crappy 'Nutya' compilation movie uploaded specially for Travis. For more details reads the reviews in the new movies section.

I guess that's about all from me. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (and get completely wasted doing that latter).

- Will Maltby


Ah, yes. I feel just like Richard Harris must have when he first updated the site by himself (I even nicked one of his old 'update headers').
So; you're getting another 3dmm.co.uk update after all! And there may even be a whole load more to come...
26 new movies, of which only a few are actually Christmas movies. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of xmas content sent in, but who cares! We have plenty of other great movies, including (finally) Maltby's CC Preview and CC (unfinished). Both are superb - it's just a huge shame CC will never be completed.

Everyone have a fantastic Chritmas and a rockin' New Year (and like Maltby said, get totally hammered)! Until next year...

- Will Cheyney

Friday 20th December - CHRISTMAS DESIGN NOW UP
Just updating to add the new christmas website design.

Also I just wanna remind people that there are just TWO days left to get movies sent in. The deadline being Sunday 22nd December. As I said before, after that movies won't be accepted or at least, I can't guarantee Will Cheyney will accept them. Bear in mind that there may not be another update to this site ever, so now's your chance to send movies in. Though Cheyney did say he was thinking about running 3dmm.co.uk from now on, but that hasn't been decided yet.

Anyway, the next update will be the Christmas one so till next time, rape your parents, and each other.

Oh yeah, if anyone has managed to get the VRman Xmas screensaver running on XP with a Geforce card, please email me how you did it, thanks. If you don't know what I'm going on about here, then never mind...

- Will Maltby

Friday 13th December - 3DMM.CO.UK NOW ACCEPTING MOVIES
As a said a few days ago, the site would re-open for Christmas provided someone stepped forward to do the reviewing. Well someone has come forwarded and that man is Will Cheyney. If you know him as I do then you'll know that he's easily capable of doing an update so basically send us yer damn movies!

We're not just accepting Christmas movies, but any kind of movies (even previews). So if you have any decent movie you want on the site, now is the time to send it.

But please be aware that we still have our quality filtering and put simply we won't be putting up mediocre movies that aren't worth anyone's time downloading. We will, however, be less strict when it comes to Christmas movies made especially for the Christmas update. The reason for this is both that there isn't much time to get an xmas movie out before it's too late to send and also because frankly I like xmas movies no matter how tacky they are.

Remember though, the deadline for ANY movies is Sunday 22nd December. Any movies sent in after that won't be accepted, sorry.

Also remember that it's Will Cheyney who is dealing with the movies, NOT me. Any movies sent to me will be burned in a huge 'late Guy Fawkes night' bonfire that I still have burning away here...

- Will Maltby

After alot of thought I've decided I will do a final update on Christmas day. I know loads of people loved the seasonal updates, and having received alot of mails about a lack of a halloween update I've decided I'll do a Christmas one.

However, at the moment this will just be a release of ALL unfinished work of mine. I'd love to do a proper update with everyone's Christmas movies but unfortunately my Uni work will really be piling up around Christmas and I can't afford to lose a week through sorting through and reviewing Christmas movies. Sorry.

However, if Harris, Jim Weatherby or anyone else who's successfully done an update for this site (including those few how more recently got hired to keep the site alive but never actually got to run the site) wants to do the Christmas update, I will be willing to give them some help in getting it sorted. However, I DO NOT want loads of people who've never done it before mailing me to ask if they can do it because the task of training them up is just to great (anyone who's done an update for this site can personally vouch for that). Sorry to sound harsh, but I don't wanna make loads of extra work for myself.

Anyway, don't wanna sound down-beat.

The update will be exactly on Christmas Day as a direct and blatant Xmas prezzie from me to the community.

- Will Maltby

Well, this is it. The site has been dormant for quite a while now and the reason for this is because I'm just tired of running it. I'm afraid to say that there will be no more updates to this site (least not proper movie updates). I find these days that updating this site has become well beyond a job and has become a pain. I've also lost alot of interest in the community mainly because the 'buzz' of movie making is simply gone. Also, a great many good people have left and what is left are mainly newbies and stubborn bastards who want nothing else but to annoy everyone else *cough* Andres *cough*.

When I first opened this site it was under the guise "Willsmovies" and just hosted my own movies. Back then I really loved making movies and having a website to showcase them was even better. As the site grew I discovered the community and the site become host to other people's movies. From this point on I kept the site regularly updated for nearly 2 years. By regular I mean updated EVERY week with a big batch of movies. At the beginning I was even updating twice a week. However, as time went on and the site got bigger and bigger, updating began to lose it's fun. Too many movies were sent in and too many were shit. Having to sift through all that crap became really tiresome.

At that point I started getting other people to help out. Jim Weatherby was the first and kept the site running by himself alone for a good 2 or 3 months. After that I took charge again but soon again felt the strain. I then got Harris to take over. Harris did an exceptional job handling the site at it's peak of movie intake. He even managed to put out his weekly "shit movie showcase" which despite it's cheapness, was a commendable effort considering the workload. After that I cam back again and that was really my final stretch. Updates got less and less frequent and it got to the point where I really just hated having to do anything with the site. One of the main things that kept me going was either tweaking the site design or working on a whole new look. Infact, for the last year or so, designing the site has become my main priority since it's the one last thing I still enjoy doing.

Well, more recently I made an effort to get the site on it's feet again with the help of Harris again and some fresh faces. Unfortunately I just haven't been motivated enough to get and keep the ball rolling and so the co-workers have lost interest equally. I don't blame them at all. So that's where the site is right now, and basically I've decided that I might as well let the horse die and be done with it. It'd be nice if someone could keep the site going, but I know it'd have to involve me too much and I just can't be bothered anymore.

I'll gladly be a front to whatever site is the current 'new movies hub' but that's all I will do.

I won't be taking anything down, however, since there's no reason to do so. The archives will remain open for as long as Travis is willing to host the movies.

As for me, well, I'm going to be taking leave from the community. I haven't been on the board for ages and for a long while I've hardly participated and kept up with what's been going on. I came back the other day and saw Andres's pathetic "manifesto" and just thought that this place is no longer somewhere I want to spend my time visiting. The bulletin board used to be a great place to visit. People would post original and interesting stuff and movies were often made and talked about. These days the community has no real purpose. Movie making is just a guise. The BB is nothing more than a chatting ground for crap. Don't get me wrong, there are still some great people in there, but not enough to make it interesting for me anymore.

As for my movie projects, well, I'm afraid they won't be finished either. It's no secret that my latest movie "CC" is blatantly far from finished. Infact, all I have done is half of the intro and half of the intro titles. That's it, and I did all that ages ago. I haven't made anything in 3dmm for ages. The CC preview has slowly (very slowly) been made but that isn't finished to a satisfactory fashion at the moment. I hope to at least finish that (even if I know CC won't come out).

So that's it really. I did have plans to turn this place into a big 3dmm history site, but really, for the same reasons I'm closing the site in the first place, I'm just not motivated enough.

I'll be in touch through email, but don't expect to see me on the BB and don't expect me to read stuff there because I simply am not visiting it at all right now. I know I've been saying for ages how people can't ever 'leave' the community and it's true. I can always come back at any day and I'll be 'back'. Unfortunately, unlike all the tryhard attention grabbing losers who massively publicise their leaving, I will probably make more of a 'leave' than they ever will.

One last thing; I apologise to everyone who's emailed me in the last month or two and had no reply. The reason for this is simply that since the site is dead I just haven't been bothered to answer any emails regarding it. In order to answer them I have to think about sorting the site out and since it's dead, well, I have nothing to say. Again I'm sorry. My inbox got filled up with 100 or so emails and I've just now marked them all as read. If I get anything from now on I will actually read them since I can rest in comfort that the site is closed.

- Will Maltby

Thursday 1st August - SITE BACKUP (AGAIN)
It's the new month and so I can put the site back in it's true form. Hopefully this won't happen again. I didn't need to buy any new webspace this time, but if it gets much worse I might have too.

Anyway, I've also got an update for ya's, but only half of one. Bjorn and Freddy have given me their drama and previews updates so that is what you have. Haven't heard from Harris or Will B-R, but I've been so lazy recently with not replying emails and stuff. It's the summer weather, it turns me into a vegetable.

So yeah, the site is still open, I'll get in touch with the other two about the comedies and action movies. Till next time, kill yourself, aaaaaand each other.

- Will Maltby

3dmm.co.uk is now closed till the end of the month due to high bandwidth usage. I am looking at getting some more webspace that can deal with the traffic the site gets. This may happen before the month is up so the site may be backup in a few days. If I can't get this sorted, then it will re-open on the 1st August when I will get the next month's 'allowance' of bandwidth from my server people.

Sorry about this, I didn't think the site would break 1 gig a month just from html usage.

- Will Maltby

Compatibility issues with Windows XP mean that movies will now be marked with either a "Win 9x" or "Win XP" respectively. Since Windows XP plays movies 10% faster than Win 9x systems there may be sound synchronisation issues when watching a movie made for a different operating system. However, this does not mean that you cannot watch Win XP movies on Win 9x platforms and vice versa. It simply means that there may be playback issues.

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